Northern Pacific Airways

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Introducing the next era in travel.
Northern Pacific Airways is connecting the east and west with international service between the U.S. and Asia through Anchorage subject to government approval.


Mapping New Routes

As a new long-haul airline, Northern Pacific Airways plans to offer flights between a range of points in the United States and select cities in East Asia through Anchorage, Alaska. The airline plans to serve cities in the states of New York, Florida, California, and Nevada, with direct flights to cities in Japan and Korea through Anchorage over the Northern route.

Offering Our Customers More

Northern Pacific will offer travelers great value and primary access to Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, leveraging the departure and arrival gates of the international terminal.

A New Way to Asia

An airline should do more than just “get you there.”
Northern Pacific will be a new bridge between people and place, connecting the U.S. to Korea’s and Japan’s breathtaking sites and millennia-old cultures.

A New Way to the U.S.

The U.S. hosts an incredible diversity of destinations. That includes the bright lights on Broadway and bold treks off the beaten path. Northern Pacific plans to bring passengers to both major cities and regional destinations across the country.

A New Way through Alaska

Northern Pacific’s Northern route boasts an innovative way of connecting the East and West through Anchorage, Alaska. The country’s northern-most state becomes a destination in itself, introducing passengers to the expansive journeys and experiences the state has to offer.


Little Touches
Big Reminders


Distinctive Markings
are Our Badge of Honor

Standing apart from the crowd, Northern Pacific’s 757s pop with bold colors and striking graphics. The airline’s modern livery design is inspired by the night sky, Northern Lights, ice and snow.


A Bold Fleet
Takes Flight

Northern Pacific’s fleet will consist of 757-200 narrow body aircraft with proven performance in efficiency, range, and maintenance. The aircraft delivers: a 20% lower operating cost per passenger mile, flight range of 4,000 miles (one stop to Asia) and can accommodate up to 200 passengers.

Handles Well

Pilots often describe the 757 as a
“sports car,” referring to its light
weight performance abilities.

Stretched Wings

The surface area of a pair of 757
wings is 1,951 square feet, about
the same as the floor space of a
typical three-bedroom home.

Catch Me if You Can

The 757 can reach top speeds
of 609 mph. The Cruising
speed is normally 500 mph.

Extraordinary Engines

Thanks to powerful engines, the
757 can take off on relatively short
runways. It also performs well in
high-altitude areas.

Incredible Range

This plane can make a 2,200 nm
transcontinental flight,
(for instance: Boston to San Diego)
fully loaded with passengers
and cargo and still have plenty
of fuel in reserve.


Executive Team

Rob McKinney

Tom Hallam

Tom Hsieh

Tina Hanley

Josh Jones


Operations Team

David Temple
VP Flight Operations-Boeing

Steven Pruitt
VP Maintenance-Boeing

Joel Rhodes
VP Quality-Boeing