Rob McKinney’s Northern Pacific Airways land at The Advertising Company

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA – Rob McKinney, CEO of Northern Pacific Airways, announced today that he has selected The Advertising Company NY, to handle the airlines global advertising account.

Northern Pacific a new airline, has proposed providing high quality, low fare
flights from proposed destinations in the US and Asia: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orlando, and Las Vegas, with a stopover in Anchorage, Alaska, then going on to Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya Japan as well as Seoul, South Korea.

Fares are projected to be 20% or more below standard flights between the
US and Asia.

Mr. McKinney, a pilot himself, began his career as Director of Aviation at
Culver Academies in Indiana. He!s held positions as C.O.O., President and
CEO of airlines operating in the US mainland to Hawaii.

Spending most of his career serving the Pacific, McKinney felt there was a
need for a full-service airline with economical flights from the US to Asia, so
he founded one.

Mr. McKinney brought his years of experience with him. He wasn’t just a
professional pilot, he was also a professional traveler, logging more miles
than Santa Claus and Superman combined.

This gave him an acute sensitivity to the various airline seats. He vowed
that any airline he founded would not have his passengers spend any
time squirming when flying.

So, he started with the seat and built the airplane around it. His goal was to create a seat so comfortable the passengers would want to unbolt one and take it home. Being “seat-centric,” Rob spared no expense. He commissioned Regent Aerospace and ACLA to invent a seat
like no airline could ever imagine.

They searched for the finest vegan leather. Adhered to it is a thick layer of special resilient foam that conforms to any body. The reclining seats are engineered to be ergonomically articulating to avoid stress. No passenger will strain to reach a USB outlet. With its fashion-worthy embroidery, their seats even look cool.

All of these first class features are found in every class. Rob’s litmus
test was a seat he could fly to the moon in, even though it’s not yet one of
Northern Pacific’s destinations.

Rob introduced more service innovations like a private lounge serving its
passengers and a “Theater on the Ground,” where its customers can enjoy the attractions of Alaska before flying there.

Plus FlyCoin. The reward for serial and infrequent flyers. But that’s another story.

About The Advertising Company US / Iconic Branding:
Established 2014 by famed advertising executive, Allen Kay (“If you see something, say something”), The Advertising Company (AdCo) is no stranger to new airlines. Born as Korey Kay & Partners in 1982, the firm introduced Virgin Atlantic Airways and soared with them for their first 11 years. During their tenure, Virgin Atlantic had the highest load factor of any transatlantic airline. True to its roots, AdCo specializes in catapulting entrepreneurial and emerging companies in a wide range of industries. Along with Virgin Atlantic, AdCo put companies that included Comedy Central, Celebrity Cruises, Wynn Resorts, Stuart Weitzman, and many more on the map, and all over it. Mr. McKinney said, "We chose The Advertising Company because of its unconventional campaigns that stood out in today!s advertising sea of sameness. We could not have picked a better partner.” Allen Kay commented, "As soon as we met Rob McKinney, we knew that he was one of the rare clients that “gets it.” With amazing marketing instincts and an impressive product, we feel privileged that Mr. McKinney selected our agency to be Northern Pacific Airway’s agency.”